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Bathroom Renovation Reveal - Modern Vintage Country

Well, it's been a year and a half since I first shared with you our bathroom renovation journey. So I thought it was time I showed you the final transformation!

If you haven't seen the before photos, I would highly recommend checking them out in the first blog blog

The budget was very important in our project, we wanted it to look amazeballs without breaking the bank. So most of the finishes were purchased on sale, which wasn't difficult because if you look hard enough most places are always having sales (particularly around xmas time when we brought most of ours). The tiles, wallpaper in the toilet, sinks and bath tub we all purchased on special. We also saved on our brass taps and shower hose (from ABI) by ordering in conjuction with my sisters bathroom order, thus spending over a certain amount that rewarded us with a discount as well as free shipping. We had a tiler tile the majority of the bathroom, but Jon and I tiled the wall behind the bath, which probably saved us a good couple of hundred dollars, as well as the laundry wall.

We also upcycled the bathroom vanity, which was an old school cupboard we painted white and hung a linen curtain to hide the contents. Which I really like because it adds softness and texture. We needed a bath rack to hold the soap etc, and I couldn't find any that would suit, so I made one out of sarking and painted it pink! Not completely sold on the pink though, may end up repainting it. The finishing touches was buying our beautiful marching olive green towels, putting up a privacy linen curtain and of course pot plants to add life!!

The finished product...

There are a few parts of this renovation project still be completed... the laundry and hall just outside the toilet, which I'm very excited about!! I always wanted to have a beautiful seperate laundry, that wasn't just functional but a lovely space to be in. Below is the laundry as it is today, we've been picking away at it, tiling the back wall, putting up some linen curtains. It's still not finished though, I'm thinking about doing a soft green on the walls, stay tuned...

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