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Because We Care About Our Planet

At Floral & Old we recognise the impact each and every individual on earth has on our environment.  We take responsibility for our carbon footprint and are committed to reducing it in any way possible.  The ways in which we choose to limit our footprint are:

  • Packaging our products using only repurposed bubblewrap, newspaper and cardboard.

  • Minimising waste to landfill by recycling, composting, upcycling wherever possible.

  • The construction of our shop was created using as many recycled products as possible.  We repurposed corrugated iron for our roof and cladding, repurposed windows, many of the display and storage tables and were repurposed.  Piles and bearers were leftovers from building sites  (thanks to builder hubby).  The light shades were also all repurposed.  Signage was created using repurposed timber

  • Gayes wreath art are created using mainly upcycled products e.g barbed wire, timber, pressed tin (apart from the faux flowers obviously)

  • The majority of the products we sell are secondhand products

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